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Humble Crate
2 Leather Goods + 2 Extra Goodies

You’re humble. You understand the world. You live within your means but don't sacrifice style and fun. The Humble Crate features 2 handcrafted leather goods plus 2 extra goodies.

Starting at $110
Free Shipping.
Confident Crate
3 Leather Goods + 3 Extra Goodies

You know what you like. You exude confidence and everyone knows that you’re the real deal, ya feel? The Confident Crate features 3 handcrafted leather goods plus 3 extra goodies.

Starting at $165
Free Shipping.
Distinguished Crate
5 Leather Goods + 5 Extra Goodies

You’ve made it. You’re at a point in life where you can look back at your old self and scoff. Not for the faint of heart, the Distinguished Crate encompasses all of our customizable offerings, featuring 5 handcrafted leather goods plus 5 extra goodies.

Free Shipping.