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We’ve partnered with some awesome brands to help craft our Neat Crates! These crates are custom, curated boxes of handmade leather goods that are truly unique to your style. Neat Crates are perfect for wedding, birthday, and anniversary gifts or are a great way to treat yourself.

To Make Your Order a Neat Crate:
  1. Pick a handmade leather good or bow tie.
  2. Before adding it to your cart, select any two add-ons you want in your Neat Crate.
  3. Another leather good caught your eye? Just add it to your cart to include it in your crate!
  4. We’ll package it up for you in our signature Neat Crate box and ship it to you for free!


    Boldfoot aims to prove that “American­-made” stands for something, and they're starting from the ground up with awesome socks. Quality is their biggest priority in everything they do and are proud to say that their socks are 100% American-­made and sourced. The cotton is grown here and the socks are sewn here. Boldfoot also donates 5% of all profits to U.S. Military Veterans in need of jobs, housing, improved health, and family assistance.
    Jacobsen’s love of sea salt caramel runs deep, as they believe (and we agree) all things sweet are better with a sprinkling of salt. Jacobsen Salt Co. keeps things simple: slowly toasting sugar with great butter until it's melted and golden before stirring in heavy cream and generous amounts of flaky sea salt.
    For over two decades, the Maker's Mark cigar has been a favorite among all seasoned cigars. Through a proprietary process, the cigar is aromatically enhanced with Maker’s Mark Bourbon, making it truly unique. The result is a premium cigar with all of the character of a premium bourbon. Each cigar is sealed in a glass tube and then hand­-dipped in Maker’s Mark signature red wax. No humidification required.
    Coffee initially became a passion for Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters because of its unique ability to bring people together. Their desire is to create a great coffee experience, from aroma to taste to conversation, through their beans. We are featuring their Sunset Blend, a sweet blend with notes of milk chocolate and citrus with a creamy body.
    Savage Jerky is made with only the best ingredients, and is proudly free of nitrates and other preservatives. Crafted in small batches, they strive to produce the highest quality product possible. Savage Jerky has changed the jerky game for good. Eat like a savage.